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Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi was born on March 21, 1923, in Chindawara, India. When she was young, Shri Mataji worked with Mahatma Gandhi in the fight for India's Independence. To fully understand the human body's systems, Shri Mataji studied medicine at Lahore Medical College. She has traveled extensively to educate and enlighten people all over the world. In India, Shri Mataji has had the honorific "Mother" bestowed upon her in recognition of her strength, love and devotion. Known as a dynamic and charismatic speaker, as well as a gifted teacher, Shri Mataji spread her message of peace and unity to audiences everywhere. She has discovered a method for raising the Inner energy amass and developed techniques for cleansing individual energy centers and channels to sustain ones connection. Similar to one candle enlightening another, she has passed this on to people in over 90 countries around the world. For this awakening no money can be paid.

Meditation a state of thoughtless awareness that one enters. It is achieved spontaneously from within. It is not dependent on creative visualization or a repetition of mantras and it is not a hypnotic trance. To reach this state, one needs put their attention on the top of the head and to watch or witness their thoughts without participating in them.

Inner energy a living, mothering energy within us is sleeping within the sacrum bone at the base of the spine. The key to Sahaja Meditation is its ability to awaken the Inner energy and make it rise to and out of the top of the head. When this happens we get our connection, union, our Self-Realization. It is a spontaneous happening that one is meant to have. No amount of money can pay for it, instead all one needs is the sincere desire to be one with ones self.

3 channels of energy. Left side deals with the past, our conditionings, habits and emotions, the feminine aspect that exists within everyone. At extreme imbalances, people become overly passive, lethargic and self-indulgent enough to commit suicide. Right side deals with the future, our ego, thoughts and actions, the masculine aspect present within everyone. At extreme imbalances, people become overly aggressive and ego oriented enough to take the life of another. Central channel is the present aspect of time, the perfect balance between the left and right sides and is the path of evolution.

There are 7 wheels of energy along our spine that regulate different aspects of our emotional, physical, mental, social aspects of our live. When out of balance, the enemies of the centers take control 1. lust 2. anger 3. greed 4. attachment 5. jealousy 6. vanity 7. doubt in God.

Transformation - when the Inner energy rises, She cleans our individual centers and balances out the 3 channels. The short-term benefit to this is we enjoy a peaceful, blissful meditation with little or no thoughts. The long-term benefit is that through this connection with the Inner energy, our lives begin to gradually improve. By our heightened awareness, negativity that shadows us begins to drop away. Through the light of introspection, we begin to witness our lives through new eyes and enjoy the play of it.