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Seminar activities will include  meditation sessions, discussions,  food, time for deepening in the collective experience, to meet yogis from different collectives, celebrate Shri Krishna Puja, prasad, be in the nature, enjoye entertainment, bhajans, to learn more about Sahaja Yoga and more.
As the time for Shri Krishna Puja rapidly approaches, we have an opportunity to prepare entertainment performances.

During the Puja weekend, there will be entertainment program. We are looking for individuals from collectives with talent to prepare items to be presented during this seminar.
Interested yogis/nis are requested to send a description of their proposed offering along with the duration to for further consideration. But know that the schedule fills up fast and is changeable, so not all programs can be assured. Remember, it's a blessing to share our talents with others. If you're interested , please take advantage of this moment and give it your best.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Jai Shri Mataji

Because this seminar depends on our contributions, please e-mail all ideas soon.