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The Subtle System behind Sahaja Meditation
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Nationwide Meditation Seminars on May 5th'02
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Sahaja Meditation Bay Area,California
Nationwide Meditation Seminars on May 5th'02

Nationwide Meditation Seminars In celebration of May 5th.

On May 5th, 1970, a breakthrough method was introduced for giving the enlightenment which has been talked about for ages by saints and prophets to anyone who desires it - simply and immediately.

This method is based on meditation and today it is offered, free of charge, to everyone around the world who seeks the experience of the divine and our own true nature.

We invite you to open a new dimension within yourself, which will fill your life with joy, peace, absolute satisfaction and boundless love! This method works for every one regardless of their past, religious and ethnic backgrounds, transcending all boundaries and helping everyone to improve:

- Our overall physical health

- Our emotional and mental states

- Problems with poor attention

- Relationships

- Our ability to communicate well with others

- Enjoyment of life and understanding of its meaning

To celebrate the great day of May 5th, our non-profit organization will be offering a series of free public seminars around the USA. Unbelievable as it may seem, every one attending will be able to experience this new level of awareness during these seminars!

To find out more about this unique method of personal transformation and the free upcoming meetings offered visit


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